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Fine Art Images 

Derived from camera, software, and imagination

Seeking to find beauty 
and render it via various digital and analog tools,
I hope my work serves to inspire. 

Please enjoy.

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Alan Zucker Photography

Collections Explore a few of my collections

Light Bursts

Disrupting an otherwise realistic photograph is one of my favorite things to do these days.  Creating and implementing a light burst in a photo adds a expressive dynamism.

View the Light Bursts collection

Sing It

Sing it. All as new. Love flows brighter.

Tandem Spiral

Two flowers on long stalks present an opportunity to re-see how they play together.


With these spirals,
I aspire to take you higher;
I spin to make you grin;
I blur to make you purr;
Reality, spun into a new meaning.  Enjoy.

View the Spirals Collection


My only formal photography training came at the UC Berkeley Architecture department.  To this day my eye is pulled toward the way light and shadow dance on the face of a human-designed structure.

View the Architectural Collection

Reflections at Sunrise

Endless detail in each frame within the frame.

In the Details

Astoundingly intricate patterns and colors.

Flora – Flowers and Plants

I love to get close-up and personal with flowers, leaves, trunks and stems.  Much of the plant kingdom has spent millions of years perfecting the art of  reflecting light in brilliant and inspiring ways.  

View the Floral Collection


Taking the wide view when exploring the world around us.  

View the Landscape Collection

Stuck in a Moment

The half buried branch, stuck in time, and holding up the sky

Mirror Miracles on a Flower

Starting with a simple flower


Maybe we should call this the “Smoke and Mirrors” collection.  These images are made using mostly in-camera effects and techniques.

View the Abstract Collection

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